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Written by Danté Lusson, Edited by Chantel Ong

Everyone is more or less up to date with all the big-named luxury brands and this is due to their unforgettable trademarks that make them distinguishable from a mile away. Gucci has their iconic red and green stripes, and Chanel with their classic double C’s. Another easily recognizable logo is Givenchy with its 4G which just so happens to be at the forefront of their newest line.  

A New Creative Director

Matthew M. Williams was appointed Creative Director of Givenchy in June 2020 and just recently presented his first collection in October. According to Business of Fashion, this shift of luxury brands hiring street wear designers is coming from the increasing market of luxury fashion with Millenials and Gen-Z shoppers. Virgil Abloh being appointed men’s artistic director of Louis Vouitton in 2018 is another example of this and both brands being owned by LVMH is no coincidence. In the first yearly quarter of the year LVMH’s revenues were up by more than 32 percent than the previous year despite the global pandemic forcing store closures. Launching his first collection during such tedious times was surely more difficult than any of his predecessors but William’s was able to use innovative marketing strategies and tech to his advantage in launching it. 

The 4G Launch

First and foremost Williams wanted to highlight his use of hardware which he says was the foundation of his new line. Sitting on the boundaries of comfort and luxury the line speaks for itself  “a unique approach to modern fashion that’s able to fuse human emotion and technical innovation”. This is a new chapter for the brand and Williams is creating a big shift in the luxury fashion industry. 

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Runway is Key

Perhaps even more exciting than the new lines, is how designers choose to present the pieces. In 1998 Alexander McQueen broke the canon of runaway fashion by finishing his show with two robots spray painting Shalom Halow’s dress which is still considered one of the most iconic catwalk moments. And then two decades later Balenciaga presented their Summer 2021 collection in a video game giving a new definition to “digital fashion”. The Directors need to find a unique way to present their lines while also making sure that the actual garments are always the main focus. William’s dark dramatic line required something big. The models walked down a water soaked runaway that was set in a stadium suited for 50,000 fans. The stadium was dark and only the moving models could be seen in a spotlight. The execution of the runaway greatly completend the line and was a big success for Williams. 

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Get the 4G Bag

One of the standouts from the new line was the new 4G handbag. The clasp has the infamous 4G logo which is a Givenchy signature developed by the founder Hubert de Givenchy. The bag displays William’s love for hardware and how this can be incorporated into more commercial pieces. The launch of the bag is really what made the headlines as the brand used celebrity endorsement to get the news out. Meadow Walker and He Cong were the first to be seen sporting the bag in Givenchy campaigns. Being marketed as the new “it bag” for the season for its classic yet utilitarian design. 

Changing the Industry with 4G

The success of William’s first line speaks to the shifts we are seeing in the luxury fashion industry. His approach of classic and contemporary to give a new meaning to Givenchy is only the beginning of what we are going to witness in the next few decades. The 4G bag is a staple piece that anyone could incorporate into their everyday style or save it for those special occasions where they really want to stand out. 

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