Jeanie Lau


Hello world, I am the founder of ÀLA.HAUSSE. I am a visionnaire and believer in a community driven carbon neutral world. Utilizing AI and the power of social Re-commerce, our team of world class backers and sustainability driven users will get it done. Here are something about me…I am: 

  • Entrepreneurial and collaborative, breathe and live every ÀLA.HAUSSE seconds.
  • I Hold an MBA and a BA in Psychology
  • International and intentional, depth over looks, wills over skills, values over materials
  • Passionate about sustainability, canine welfare and promoting gender equality in the business world.
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Alexi De-Fonblanque

Chief Technology Officer

Hi everybody! I’m Alexi! I bring to the table a proven executive management track record and over 20 years of experience in the IT and software industry. I work alongside Jeanie and the ÀLA.HAUSSE tech team to ensure our technological vision and roadmap is in tip top shape. 

I am an experienced engineer with an MSc in electrical engineering and an extensive career that has included the development and designing of the architecture of commercial Banking, Automotive, and HCM software. Successfully growing team efforts towards successful project delivery.

Prior to joining ÀLA.HAUSSE, I have managed multiple engineering teams in setting the technology architecture for world class products.

Filippo Bruno-Franco

Strategy & Market Expansion

Ciao, My name is Filippo. I am an experienced International Business Leader with 15 years of experience. I drive aggressive growth strategies for multi-category global e-commerce businesses, platforms, and propositions. Including working for Amazon’s European Fashion Retail and Supply Chain teams, and Omio.

I hold a MSc, Supply Chain Management from Dauphine University, a MSc, Industrial Engineering from Polytechnic of Turin, and a MA, Business & Technology from EMLV, Paris La Defense.

Now, I am here with ÀLA.HAUSSE to grow the brand’s multifunctional sustainability mission; overlapping the world of technology and sustainability for a better tomorrow, creating drive towards its efforts.

Ruben Fragoso

Director, Strategic Finance

My name is Ruben, I am a finance executive with over 20 years of experience building high performing finance organizations. I have supported Private and Public corporation to expand in International Markets, including USA, Mexico and most recently Latin America, where I have led the efforts to increase the penetration of ecommerce.

I am passionate about  Finance and exploring the cross-over from Finance to Operations, to managing global supply chains and strategy development.

I hold a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Mexico’s National University, a MBA from the University of Texas at Austin. 

I believe in the power of a circular economy and digital transformation. I am here to support the success and growth of the ÀLA.HAUSSE ecosystem.

A female-led company intersecting the boundaries of fashion, sustainability, and technology.


At ÀLA.HAUSSE, we are constantly pushing the boundaries, creating new standards, and defying the odds. 


We are here to innovate a technological driven and sustainable future.

Established in 2020, We Look Forward to What Will Come with Your Alignment in OUR VISION.

Di Gallo

Digital Strategy Mentor

I’m an established visionary leader in digital, social media and content marketing — leading teams, establishing strategies and campaigns, and leading the execution of both here at ÀLA.HAUSSE.

I’ve worked across many industries including tech, film and broadcasting, retail and e-commerce, blockchain, direct-to-consumer, wellness, nonprofit and education.

I’m always reading and researching, ensuring that I’m at the forefront of digital disruption and innovation, new trends, Web 3.0, and how, why and where people shop and consume.

Kristine Geronimo

In-House Counsel, ESG & Sustainablity

Hi there– Kristine here. I handle all things legal at ÀLA.HAUSSE, a brand that unites my love for fashion, tech and sustainability!

I bring to the #HAUSSEPEOPLE ecosystem 7 years of legal experience, working in private practice and consulting in litigation and corporate/ commercial law. I was fortunate enough to combine my love of learning with travel, and got my law degree in England and my MBA in Paris. 

More recently, I completed the Sustainability Business Management Certification at Cambridge University. I am excited to bring my passion for Fashion sustainability and my legal expertise to ÀLA,HAUSSE

Tyler Cassack

Corporate Lawyer

Hi, I’m Tyler. I specialise in corporate and commercial law practice, with an emphasis on mergers and acquisitions, venture capital, debt and equity financings. 

I am a customer-service driven professional who has committed to developing a practice and knowledge base conducive to meeting the day-to-day needs of emerging and high-growth clients.

I have previously worked at a business law firm, where I gained experience advising early-stage, high growth companies within the Canadian tech sector, as well as the venture capital funds and investors they deal with.

We and You, are Leading Pioneers in the Uprising for a Sustainable Fashion Ecosystem

We are a strong-willed collective that have one bridge which centers all of us together, our passion to transform the fashion industry by putting sustainability at the forefront. 

Taking pride in creating and empowering a circular marketplace where we make change, one “closset” (aka clothing assets) at a time.

Robert Whyte

BD Assistant

I am a self proclaimed philosopher of life and aspiring Software Engineer, with a love for the ocean and animals. I hold a BA in Psychology from the University of Guelph. 

Currently I am working towards my second degree in Computer Science to further my technical skill set in this rapidly changing technological environment.  I have had various international travel experiences.

I believe in the vision and power of the ÀLA.HAUSSE, as reducing the waste in our daily life will directly contribute to significant changes and slow down the damage caused to fragile marine ecosystems worldwide.

Maryam Bhatti

General Marketing Assistant

Hello, my name is Maryam. I am a deep fashion enthusiast with a passion for the world of marketing, as well as an aspiring traveler on the side. 

My role at ÀLA.HAUSSE is as a general marketing assistant, aiding in all things marketing; from outreach to content design, I meticulously ensure every detail is prepared to the best degree. 

Currently pursuing an undergrad for Communications Studies, I am ecstatic about intersecting two of my main enlightenments: the art of fashion and the need for a greener future. I aim to help all shopping addicts such as myself find the joy in shopping sustainably with us.

Nadim Kassymov

Creative & Social Assistant

Hey! My name is Nadim. I am a creative & social assistant at ÀLA.HAUSSE, aiding in creative efforts to help bring visionary details to life.

I have a passion for translating brand missions through innovative messages. Currently I am studying a specialist degree in Digital Enterprise Management, and I aspire to continue taking on any challenges and defying the odds.

I’m a green thumb who admires the environment endlessly and I am determined to be a part of a bigger cause; pursuing sustainability and aiding in the march towards change bigger than ever seen before.


Team Spirit Manager

Named after the Roman Emperor, I am the in-house director of Fluffiness and executive happiness bringer. I am also a large part of the inspiration and drive behind  ÀLA.HAUSSE,  to improve animal welfare, starting with one trade at a time.



"Love what this company is doing. I enjoy seeing Canadian companies integrate sustainability in their business model. A companies environmental awareness is a big factor to whether I support them or not. I can tell how much thought and passion goes into ÀLA.HAUSSE"
ÀLA.HAUSSE Fashion Sustainability
Hana El-Sharabasy
via Google Reviews
"It’s so exciting to see a brand in Toronto promote sustainable values in the fashion industry. Super excited to use their app and I can’t wait for launch day!"
Dante Lusson
via Google Play
"I was surprised to find that ÀLA.HAUSSE is not only a fashionable and creative platform, but also a trade entity supporting sustainable development. The platform has many fresh designers and rich and reliable trading resources to help fashion lovers and e-commerce shoppers realize the resource sharing process of buying, selling and renting.  I expect it really becomes our personal electronic “Clossets”."
ÀLA.HAUSSE Fashion Sustainability
Celia Yang
via App Store

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