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Who would’ve thought that traditional luxury households such as Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Gucci, and Valentino would be seen in the virtual realm of League of Legends or even Roblox. As most fashion houses usually cater to the elite minority. Odd as it is, it seems that high fashion is integrating itself into the gaming industry, opening new opportunities and a bigger target market. 

As the coronavirus pandemic has affected the retail and fashion industry it seems that joining the gaming and esports scene has been a good move on their part. The gaming industry generates about $159.3 billion for 2020 and is expected to surpass $200 billion by 2023. 

By collaborating with games such as League of Legends, Animal Crossing, and Final Fantasy  to even develop their very own virtual styling games. These luxury brands have been joining the gaming scene and it’s been quite interesting as in it’s own way, it has that sustainable impact as it aids in practicing virtual forms of fashion such as virtual sampling, digital fashion, and ai.

Target Market

The emerging population of the new generation has taken over the gaming market with their increasing purchasing power. About 90% of Generation Z are known to be gamers with their current purchasing power of an estimated $44 billion with a huge database of 2.7 billion users. 

Erin Wayne, head of creator marketing of Twitch says: “Fashion working with gaming is the next obvious step in the evolution of Fashion.

Gif via VogueBusiness.com
Image via Voguebusiness.com

Luxury and Gaming

Louis Vuitton and League of Legends
  • LV and Riot Games collaborated for the 2019 League of Legends world championship finals in Paris, creating a LV inspired summoners trophy designed by Nicholas Ghesquire. 
  • The Sims have collaborated with Moschino’s creative director, Jeremy Scott. Allowing their very own sims to be dressed in Moschino branded hoodies which is available in both Sims FreePlay and Sims Mobile.
Final fantasy and Prada
  • To celebrate final fantasy’s 25th anniversary, Square Enix collaborated with Prada for their mens collection and used everyone’s beloved characters to portray their collection digitally.
Burberberry launched B-Bounce
  • B-Bounce is burberry’s very own exclusive game with it’s cute deer designed in Burberry puffers jumping around till you get the highest score, you can claim your special gifs after playing the game. 
Roblox and Gucci
  • Roblox Gucci Garden, is a space where users can roam in the virtual space where about 50 new pieces of clothing can be purchased through roblox. 
Nintendo's Animal Crossing and Luxury Brands
  • With Animal crossing’s customizable feature, users are able to recreate high-end designs for their very own avatar. Animal Crossing has allowed designs from brands such as March Jacobs, Valentino, and Sandy Liang to be used and it has been available in the digital store since. 
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Gamification of Fashion

Gamification is essentially the application of game design and techniques in different avenues that is needed. Where the idea of games aren’t only based on the fun aspect to it but to build relationships, and create a more intimate engagement between users. 

The Future

It seems nothing is stopping any of these brands from entering the gaming industry with it’s highly lucrative atmosphere. We should look forward to the ever-growing coexistence of both gaming and fashion as it has opened new opportunities and avenues for virtual practice such as NFTs, sampling, and digital fashion. Lessening the need for physical consumption of fashion.

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