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If you are a video game and fashion enthusiast then look no further. With the Covid-19 pandemic throwing a wrench in the fashion industry and limiting events like fashion shows and live exhibitions, some brands took this as an opportunity to enter the digital realm. Luxury retailer Gucci used this time to take over the video game industry and sell their digital products in the realm of Roblox and more. 

The Gucci Garden was an interactive virtual experience that combined luxury fashion and gaming in the digital world. Players also had the opportunity to shop in the Gucci boutique to purchase limited edition virtual items. With the creative direction of Alessandro Michele and the tech mind of roblox creator Rook Vanguard, the Gucci Gardens were a once in a lifetime experience for fashion and game enthusiasts.

Video game perks

We can all agree that one of the most exciting parts of playing video games is getting to choose and customize your avatar. Often we design our avatars as extensions of ourselves, maybe you don’t share the same hair colour but you share the same nickname. Players are able to go beyond the limitations they might feel in the real world when it comes to body modifications or appearances. This is also where digital fashion and accessories fit in as well. Maybe you can’t buy a Gucci bag in real life but what is stopping your Roblox avatar from having one? 

What Gucci did in Roblox was a little different than getting to design your avatars look from the get-go. The Gucci Garden was a series of different rooms, each with a different theme inspired by Gucci such as ‘Diorama in Bloom’. When players entered the world they lost their skin and began the experience as a neutral mannequin. Players then visited the rooms in a random order and each experience would add a design to their skin, meaning each mannequin became a one of a kind creation.

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Not a First for Roblox

This is not the first time that Roblox has collaborated with someone to sell in-game merchandise. In November 2020 the game hosted a virtual Lil Nas X concert which attracted more than 30 million visits over a four day period. Additionally, like an IRL concert fans were able to purchase merchandise or what are known as skins in the digital world. This event was the first of its kind, but Roblox is encouraging other artists to jump on the digital concert bandwagon.

Guccifying the Game

Pokémon Go

In a more recent announcement, Pokémon Go announced that soon players would be able to shop The North Face x Gucci collection within the game. The items would be available at more than 100 PokéStops throughout the world located at select parks and stores. Players can purchase the items but also have the opportunity to find and redeem codes to gain access to t-shirts, hats, and backpacks from the collaboration. 

Sims 4
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The social simulation games seem to be a favourite of Gucci as they also teamed up with the popular PC game ‘The Sims’. In a collaboration with content creator Grimcookies, Gucci announced that their products would now be available in the world of Sims. The creator was able to recreate the Gucci off the Grid collection which in real life was made with sustainability in mind. The Sims are able to wear the hats and shoes, and accessories like backpacks can be used as decorations. 

Animal Crossing

It seemed almost too coincidental that Animal Crossing New Horizons (ACNH) launched at the same time that the world shut down due to the Covid 19 pandemic. Although the game was sure to be a success regardless of the pandemic, it definitely helped that everyone was stuck at home with unlimited time to clock hours and hours in ACNH (myself included). One of the features of the game is being able to design your own clothing and patterns to use in your town. Like many other luxury brands, Gucci took this opportunity to create their own Guccified virtual island. The brand hired three content creators to design the island based off of past Gucci campaigns. Key features such as an orchard zone to represent the perfume #foreverguilty, a paparazzi zone for players to snap pics, and a Jared Leto outfit to download are what make the island unique. 


The Pro’s of luxury and video game collaborations

Although the future of luxury fashion may not only come in the form of the video game, it is still exciting to see.

Accessibility: It’s no secret that being able to shop at Gucci is a privilege. Luxury brands remain at the top of the fashion hierarchy for a reason. The famous GG Marmont shoulder bag currently retails for C$2, 925, but digitally speaking the same bag will only cost you 475 robux (the primary currency in the Roblox world. As of May 22, 2021 the bag has been purchased over 50, 600 times in the game. 

Content creators: Having luxury fashion enter the video game industry is giving content creators unseen opportunities. All of these digital events take as much (if not more) time and energy to put together and creators are being noticed for their work. 

Sustainability: For a long time the fashion industry was focused on this idea that materiality is required for fashion to be legitimate. But with the rise of digital fashion we are realizing that this may not be the case afterall. Although digital fashion is still a new concept, it is estimated that it could potentially reduce emissions by 95%. 

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If you are not much of a gamer, fret not! Digital fashion labs have also begun to collaborate with luxury brands so you won’t have to miss out. The Gucci Gardens were an interactive experience that allowed for players to experience luxury fashion like never before.

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