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Written by Vedika Jha, Edited by Danté Lusson

The RealReal is currently in the process of looking for a senior fashion designer, and looks to be in the planning stages of an in-house “private label.” Originally known as a luxury consignment site best known for selling the fashions of other companies, The RealReal looks to be mixing it up by adding their own spark to the luxury fashion realm.

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Behind the name

With more than 21 million current subscribers, The RealReal or TRR is the leader in authenticated luxury consignment. All the items sold on the site are authenticated through a rigorous process overseen by hundreds of company experts and brand authenticators. Their overall goal with the company was to decrease luxury’s impact on the environment and at the same time open up the possibility of purchasing luxury goods to a new target market.

The current TRR business model is revolutionizing resale, while preventing fashion from leaving a negative mark on the planet. They sell everything from women’s, men’s, and kids’ fashion to fine jewelry, watches, fine art, and home decor. All this in an effort to create the world’s largest and most trusted marketplace for authenticated luxury.

Now with millions of shoppers and consignors, a booming e-commerce platform, and 17 retail locations around the country where customers can sell, and meet with TRR experts and receive free valuations the company seems to be taking a new stride into the world of designing, spraying from their resale roots.

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Hiring a Designer

A job listing for a Designer position posted on The RealReal site sparked the rumors of the company venturing deep into new terrain. According to the original job posting the position will be based in New York City or San Francisco and required 10 years minimum experience at a “reputable luxury brand,” as well as deep knowledge of development, fit, pattern making, and delivery timetables. They will oversee the selection of fabric and trim from TRR-owned inventory and other authorized sustainable partners and brands thus keeping the company’s environmentally friendly initiative in mind.

Experience and More Required

To go into specifics the company requires that the designer be comfortable with working with upcycled pieces that have havana virgin fabrication, are zero waste, and the labor behind it must be fair wage and sourced in the United States.The role of the designer is going to be to help launch a series of strategic initiatives revolving around sustainable product development and upcycling. With this the company hopes to hire someone who has a strong track record of product design from well known luxury brands as well as someone with end to end experience in the entire design process from market research to sketch to fit.

Making Moves

From a brand strategy standpoint, TRR is continuing in their effort to increase their overall impact on the industry while continuing to create a more circular future for fashion. The addition of design talent to their team will help them explore potential avenues for sustainable creation that keep existing products and materials out of landfills and in circulation. However a key point to this expansion is also further growth for TRR’s ReCollection upcycling program. For the past couple of years the company has launched a new initiative which urged brands to launch capsule collections of their unsold pieces for resale on the site, as opposed to disposing of them in landfills. In this case the brands control the designs and TRR acts as the sales facilitator.

The original ReCollection project launched in March in which unsold goods from brands like Balenciaga, Simona Rocha, and Jacquemus were upcycled by LA repaid studios and then put on the website to be sold. However while this venture seemed to be a positive step for the company the initiative didn’t do so well as much of the collection remained unsold on TRR site.

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This addition of the new designer and the original and sustainable take on luxury fashion means the company can revamp the ReCollection Initiative and continue to grow their brand identity. We are excited to see where they go from here!

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