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ÀLA.HAUSSE is launching the World’s first Peer to Peer Multifunctional Mobile Clothing Trade Platform in Toronto, Canada

TORONTO, Canada, January 1st, 2022– ÀLA.HAUSSE – a multi-functional, peer-to-peer fashion e-commerce resale, rental mobile platform – is officially launching its iOS and Android mobile application in Canada’s App Store and Google Play.

ÀLA.HAUSSE’s fashion ecosystem is a digital peer to peer resale and rental shopping hub with up to 2600 current and up-and-coming designer brands along with vintage unbranded items. A first-of-its-kind in Canada, individuals will be able to buy, sell, rent, and lend personal “Clossets”, also known as their clothing assets. Available for iOS and Android mobile phone users, ÀLA.HAUSSE brings a curated circular space to aid various types of transactions for fashion-loving enthusiasts and e-commerce shoppers to resale, share, and up-cycle their fast, mid-market and luxury designer clothing with less money and time spent. All while helping to create recurring income, shared with like-minded peers. 


Via our highly targeted and effective sourcing channels, we aim to bring users the best quality and rarest finds from niche brands across the world that have landed in our local markets. Items on the platform exhibit competitive, secondhand pricing with approved quality in every condition for our buyers.


With the streamlined point and shoot item listing function, users are able to easily create their digital personal closets in 60 seconds or less, and it can act as an online storefront for item displays and management. Our curated sellers on the board, screening and approval process will set the tone of the niche group of early scene starters for the platform. Sellers are entitled up to 45% less service fees than from other existing digital marketplaces.

Rent & Lend

With ÀLA.HAUSSE’s rental solution, consumers will only need to spend a minimum of 1/10th of the original selling price for all mid-market and luxury items, while also being able to reduce their cost-per-wear of each item by a minimum of 3X. Not only will this allow us to gain recurring income, this will also aid circular fashion and sustainability efforts in this uprising movement.

Vision and Goals

Together, we will raise awareness about the environmental impacts of mass production and consumerism in the fashion industry by providing a streamlined rental solution on top of our day-to-day buy and sell transactions in the resale digital market space. This urgency in bringing rental action mainstream will not only minimize our cost-per-wear of each item, but it will also help slow down the fast consumption cycle. ÀLA.HAUSSE’s fashion ecosystem aims to become the pioneers in fashion sustainability by inspiring users to wear their purpose when expressing their personal styles while also shifting consumption habits to slow the carbon footprint of the fashion industry.


Via ÀLA.HAUSSE’s Multi-functional and Multi-purposeful Fashion Ecosystem- BUY/SELL/RENT/LEND mobile application, INDIVIDUALS and brands are encouraged to REBUY, RESELL, REUSE and UP-CYCLE their personal “Clossets” aka Clothing Assets, along with overstock inventory and samples. Through this consumerism habit shift, we indirectly slow down the urgency on fashion’s carbon footprint, aiding sustainability as a whole. Download is now open for Canadian iOS and Android users. For more information, visit

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