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Written by Hana El-Sharabasy

Designed for functionality

Vollebak is at the forefront of luxury techwear this year. Their line of 100-Year Gear has caught the attention of many for their esteemed claims. It’s supposedly able to last over 100 years in even the harshest weather while providing breathability, durability and practicality. The jacket that does it all has become a staple company for those living a minimalist lifestyle. Minimalists share the same attitude about shopping with Vollebak, investing in quality and useful pieces. 


The minimalist lifestyle has become adopted by many to promote mental well-being. It is believed that in the absence of unnecessary material goods, we are able to focus on the more important things in life such as relationships, careers and hobbies. This lifestyle is defined by Joshua Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus as “a tool to eliminate life’s excess, focus on the essentials, and find happiness, fulfillment, and freedom”. The concept of minimalism is a  westernized version of Jainist and Buddhist beliefs regarding living in moderation. 

Does minimalism=sustainability?

Though they are not interchangeable, many of their philosophies go hand in hand. The main pillars of sustainability include maintaining environmental health, under-consumption, and societal equity with accessibility for all. Minimalism preaches minimizing consumption, which can be extended to the sustainable practice of under-consumption. They differ in that a minimalist lifestyle is focused on the individual rather than the collective, with the primary motivator being financial freedom and mental wellbeing. Sustainability has the primary goal of restoring the earth’s biosphere by moving towards renewable systems. 

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Capsule Wardrobes

Capsule wardrobes are a collection of your daily essentials. They prioritize functionality and quality over everything, to create a timeless closet. Minimalists build a closet with the intention to always be wearing an outfit they love. On paper the idea of a capsule wardrobe makes sense, you don’t fall victim to impulse buys or short-lived trends. Extracting yourself from the consumer lifestyle entirely can save you lots of time, stress and money. Though for some, a capsule wardrobe can eliminate the creativity we have with our outfits every morning. The commitment of a capsule wardrobe is scary. A beloved closet being replaced with the same 7 black t-shirts and 7 jeans sounds like a nightmare for us fashion lovers. Perhaps there is a sweet spot somewhere between minimalism and hoarding that is a good compromise on all spectrums. 

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Closet Essentials

For many minimalists, techwear companies like Vollebak have become essential. Their mission of having absurdly high quality and innovative garments has sparked interest in many. The 100-Year Jacket is designed to withstand extraordinary tough terrain. It provides water resistance for up to 43,000mm of rain, which is much more than we will see in our lifetimes. 


Though this jacket is tough it’s still a practical and breathable option. It has an excessive amount of pockets and durable zippers designed to last many journey’s. The fabric itself has a minimum lifespan of 100 years. The c_change® component of the material mimics the structure of flowers to respond to its environment and open/close at any given temperature. The membrane of the material opens up like a vent in the presence of heat allowing sweat and heat to escape the body. In cooler temperatures, those vents contract to provide heat insulation for the body. Vollebak has put lots of experimentation and research into making this jacket a worthwhile investment.

Investing in your Closet

This jacket will become an investment that you pass on to future generations as it outlives you. Minimalist or not, we should all be investing in our staple pieces. Trying to look at your “cost per wear” may put it into perspective for you. A high-end blouse that you have worn 200 times over and kept for years could have the same cost per wear as a forgotten t-shirt you picked up off a sale rack. So sometimes the expensive item is a better option. 

The 100-Year Jacket is $895, which may seem frightening at first. But when considering yourself and possibly your kids will be wearing this jacket for the intended 100 years, it’s actually a sweet deal. And yes, it’s a hefty investment, but at least there is free shipping.

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