Hi there, I am Jeanie. The Founder of ÀLA.HAUSSE!

Up until now I was just another fashion trend chaser stuck in a constant cycle of buying more and more but something was always missing.



ÀLA.HAUSSE Fashion Sustainability
Do you know someone who always buys for the sake of buying? Maybe this friend is a stress shopper, emotional dresser, style loving (or hoarding), has a closet stagnant of all things fast and lux, yet they still can’t get enough of the ever changing styles and trends? Well if you didn’t, now you do! I was that endless fashion shopper on all things E-commerce, retail, gifts, and anything else that allowed me to continuously fill my wardrobe. I’d never want to wear the same thing twice and I didn’t know how to properly take care of my garments. Most importantly I did not understand the relationship between me and my clothes.

As fashion trends are changing in a circular motion, my “ trend chasing” appetite has moved on. The OG identity of what fashion is has finally been challenged in every way. The more things I owned and purchased, the less meaning I found between the relationship of me and the garment, the more I avoided and ignored the true gravity of the effect caused by over consumption. These effects go into the air we breathe, into the water we drink, onto our skin and most importantly they shift our values. 

The fine line between true style and the ultimate self-expressionist ego are often blurred, aiding that underlying formation of an unsatisfactory addiction. The seemingly glam and fast dropping fashion cycle has always been short lived. Whether it’s the intense high you (and I) feel on a spending spree, the untouched smell and sleek feel of an entire new and unworn fabric, a cheap steal from this summer’s biggest sale, the bold trending new style, or having these savvy influencers always feeding your visual and neuron receptors. Nope! I’d never think that it takes 1800 gallons of water AKA 3 years of clean drinking water per individual consumption, 104 showers, 12000 coffees to produce ONE pair of jeans.

Fashion is the second largest industry contributing to 10% of the world’s carbon emission. The negative effects this is having on our world is detrimental. It is affecting water pollution in developing countries across the world, and animals and other species are being pushed to extinction due to the environmental burden indirectly caused by my own actions. I formed a deep sense of longing and an urge to make a change within myself, and set an example among my peers. By understanding that solely my own actions and my independent voice may not be scalable, ÀLA.HAUSSE became my tool to spread this message. This idea that we can continue to satisfy our own buying pleasures while tackling the issues of the negative effects of the industry. How exactly is this possible you may ask?

ÀLA.HAUSSE Fashion Ecosystem

The French saying of ÀLA.HAUSSE aka a la hausse: the uprising. It is an ideology of an uprising movement. 

Via ÀLA.HAUSSE’s Multi-functional and Multi-purposeful Fashion Ecosystem- BUY/SELL/RENT/LEND/ (swap BETA 2021) mobile application, INDIVIDUALS & brands ( BETA 2021) are encouraged to REBUY, RESELL, REUSE and UP-CYCLE their personal “Clossets” aka Clothing Assets, along with overstock inventory and samples. Through this consumerism habit shift we indirectly slow down the urgency on fashion carbon footprint, aiding sustainability as a whole.



I foresee this transformation among myself and others to be an ongoing and positive journey that will bring changes in the world of fashion and society. We will at times be challenged, but through providing real time knowledge and by creating trust and integrity within our members of the ecosystem, perfecting the tools and technology within the platform, maintaining  self-actualization and continuous market education, we believe this uprising movement is inevitable for fashion’s longevity.

So here, let me reintroduce: 

So once again, let me reintroduce: Hi there, I am Jeanie, the founder of ÀLA.HAUSSE! I am a fashion-loving peer of yours, and one of the many uprising “trendsetters” in fashion sustainability.

I look forward to bumping into you via our upcoming ÀLA.HAUSSE’s ecosystem.

We look forward to see you around and inspired by your "Clossets" via our upcoming ÀLA.HAUSSE’s ecosystem #HAUSSEPEOPLE!

ÀLA.HAUSSE Fashion Sustainability

À New Wave to Fashion. À New Way of Living.


A New Age Philosophy Backed, Sustainability Enabled, Multifunctional ( BUY/SELL/LEND/RENT/ swap BETA ) Fashion P2P Mobile E-commerce Ecosystem, for Me and You.


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May 19, 2020


Hi there, I am Jeanie. The Founder of ÀLA.HAUSSE! Up until now I was just another fashion trend chaser stuck in a constant cycle of buying […]