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Written by: Alessa Morjaria

Oftentimes, we are left wondering what to do with clothes that no longer fit or have already seen their wear. Instead of simply throwing out your jeans that are too loose or that dress that you have worn one too many times, there are many ways to be mindful and sustainable while decluttering our closets. Here are a few ways we can give our clothes a second life and while reducing your environmental impact.

Prolonging Clothing Longevity

1.Directly support your local community 

Instead of going straight to the nearest GoodWill or Value Village, you can make a greater personal impact in your own community. Many organizations and programs have clothing drives supporting refugees, newly immigrated families, or those seeking shelter. There are many resources out there to find the best place for you. 

Most of us do not know about local chapters of nonprofits that could use our excess clothing. Community organizations like Dress for Success and Career Gear oftentimes accept gently-used clothing or shoes to those in need of a fresh start. Many organizations will also include a wishlist of their biggest wants and needs for you to get a better idea, and on top of this, these donations will be tax-deductible.This is the perfect opportunity to give your clothes a second life and feel good about it!

2. Donate clothes to retailers & receive a discount

Many large retailers today have become more socially-aware than ever before, and many companies will now accept donated clothes in exchange for store credit or a discount. Some of our favorites include H&M and The North Face which utilizes textile recycling, or through Madewell which turns your old denim into housing insulation for local communities in need. Many stores have their clothing donations policies on their websites!

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3. Textile recycling

Some items have had their fair share of wear and reach the end of their life cycle. We all have our favourite pair of jeans that we’ve worn to shreds or that shirt we couldn’t let go of until we really have to. If your clothing is no longer wearable, consider donating to your local textile recycling program. In Canada, the average person throws out 81 pounds of textiles annually, contributing to waste in landfills and harming the environment while most of these fabrics, however, can be recycled through programs like Canadian Textile Recycling Ltd. 

4. DIY it into something new. 

There are thousands of Youtube videos that can teach you how to turn your old clothing into something else functional, whether that’s a dish towel, rug, quilt, or grocery store bag. They’re durable, easy to wash and reuse, and free! 

Upcycle and Resell!

 If you’re still in love with your clothes despite their imperfections and tears, you can always patch them up or create a new style! Transform your jean jacket into an effortless vest, or cut the bottoms of your jeans. A simple sewing class online, Youtube video or workshop will take you a long way. This will give you all the tools you need to revitalize and upcycle your closet!

If the pieces you’re looking to give away are barely worn and in great condition, you can quickly post them on a consignment site like Depop, thredUP and Poshmark and make money requiring little work. These sites offer a payout for each piece, and all you have to do is then ship the item which is super easy! Giving a second life to your favourite items can make all the difference, saving the environment while making a little extra money. 

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Here are just a few of many mindful ways you can get rid of your clothes instead of throwing them out right away. Any of these options will make a small impact in your community as well as the environment, which will in turn make an immense difference. 

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