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Written by: Tiara Miller

What if stilettos were not a major pain in the foot to wear?

In the present day, there are endless resources, tips, and hacks to aid women in wearing high heels for extended periods of time. High heels have never been for the faint-hearted. Women understand and expect stilettos to not only provide style but the tumultuous process of breaking in the shoe and even then it is still not a guarantee of consistent comfort.

Podiatrist Dr. Yolanda Ragland said in an Insider article that the risks of wearing high heels are very high as one could strain or even break the ligament structures around the ankle. Depending on the height, Alliance: Foot and Ankle specialists state that a heel ranging from about 1 to 3 inches high can place as much as 80% more pressure on the forefront of our feet. Regardless of women being confronted with these realities while wearing high heels, they still reserve a decent section in the closet for a plethora of reasons. 

Centuries of wearing this fascinating and complex footwear and yet there have been little to no improvements made on the design to offer more comfort and functionality. That is until 2013 when innovative brand Thesis Couture was established and forever changed the way women would wear high heels.

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Who Is the Remarkable Innovator Behind It All

Founder of Thesis Couture and former SpaceX employee Dolly Singh is the woman we should be celebrating for her thoughtful innovation. The UCLA graduate has an established portfolio in the aerospace and biotechnology sector where she has worked as a recruiter for companies like Service Titan, Oculus VR and of course SpaceX. The American founder and CEO utilized her recruiting talents to acquire a team of engineers, former astronauts, rocket scientists and orthopedic surgeons to tackle her personal frustration with the footwear. Thus, Thesis Couture was born. 

What Is Thesis Couture?

High fashion American brand Thesis Couture, was established to disrupt the traditional footwear market. With a mission to empower ambitious women who want to present themselves with style, Thesis Couture created a stiletto that has the capability of being both functional and stylish. Thesis Couture is equipped with a brilliant and diverse team with experience ranging from Elon Musk’s SpaceX to Jimmy Choo. The brand brought together luxury and comfort to create the Eve stiletto. The Eve stiletto is the answer to all high heel lovers’ prayers. The stiletto is manufactured with a Thesis Lift to bring a stylish heel to the market without sacrificing comfort and long term health. 

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The Thesis Lift

The Thesis Lift is a science backed structured design that is implemented in Thesis Couture’s infamous Eve stiletto. The Thesis Lift, an acronym for (Load-Balancing Interlocking Footwear Technology), is a first of its kind. The internal structure that is manufactured in Italy, is made of advanced polymer. Polymer is a blister grade plastic and is a key component to the Thesis Lift. In addition to this, the internal structure is also designed wider creating more surface area to assist with the weight distribution of your feet.

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Thesis Lift vs. Shank

As previously mentioned the traditional design of heels can place up 80% more pressure disproportionately on the balls of our feet. This centuries old internal stiletto structure is referred to as the Shank. Every high heel for the past few centuries has been manufactured using the Shank structure. The Thesis Lift innovative technology however has the ability to bring that percentage down to 50%. The table below makes a direct comparison between the two to highlight both advantages and disadvantages.

How Traditional Heels Are Made and Why They Make Your Feet Sore

High heels are documented to be worn as early as the 10th century. In the geographic region of Ancient Persia presently known as Iran, the high heels were used by men in the Persian cavalry to help their feet stay planted in their stirrups. These heels had a similar silhouette to heels we see today but were most commonly manufactured with wood and animal skin. 

It was not until the 1950s that shoemakers would begin to use steel to craft the internal base of a heel,  the Shank. The Shank allowed the current beauty ideals of small feet come to life as it allowed for a shoe silhouette to appear more narrow thus creating the illusion of a smaller foot. However, this meant that the foot would have far less support and see an increase in pressure on the forefront of the foot.

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A Step In the Right Direction

Thanks to Thesis Couture, women no longer have to endure the painful experience of high heels. Due to founder Dolly Singh and her team of experts, high heel wearers can look forward to looking stylish and bold during their long work days and busy nights out. Thesis Couture gave women the support to strut toward their goals with both class and comfort because of their innovative footwear technology. While Thesis Couture is currently sold out of their Eve heel, the best is yet to come as the brand only aspires to expand the line in the future. 

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