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Established in 2020, a female-led company intersecting the boundaries of fashion, sustainability, and technology in a way never done before.

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We and You, are Leading Pioneers in the Uprising for a Sustainable Fashion Ecosystem

We are a strong-willed collective that have one bridge which centers all of us together, our passion to transform the fashion industry by putting sustainability at the forefront. 

Taking pride in creating and empowering a circular marketplace where we make change, one “closset” (aka clothing assets) at a time.



Jeanie Lau


Hello! This may give you some idea of who I am: 

  • Entrepreneurial, I breathe and live every start up seconds.
  • Challenges are always welcome here so I can dissect them until they turn into sparkles
  • Fuel by coffee, alcohol, vibes, yoga and all things creative and tech driven aka ÀLA.HAUSSE.
  • A Chief Fun Officer 
  • I am International and intentional
  • depth over looks, precision over skills, values over materials
  • Proud to own a good boy Bichon Frise below and to give back to the animal rescue / field. 
  • Plans to also pursue my culinary and wine knowledge professionally and own a dining facility in the near future.
  • Want to chat?: calendar link 
ÀLA.HAUSSE Fashion Sustainability


Chief Technology Officer

Ali is the CTO at ÀLA.HAUSSE. As a CTO he helps ÀLA.HAUSSE with the technological vision and roadmap.

Ali has a proven executive management track record and over 20 years of experience in the IT and software industries. Prior to joining ÀLA.HAUSSE, Ali was managed, lead and grow multiple engineering teams. In his last career, he’s responsible for building up mobile and web development teams, designing the architecture of the application, and defining the overall technology vision and roadmap. 

He has a master’s degree in electrical and electronics engineering and started his career as a hardware/firmware design engineer, he extends his career by developing and designing the architecture of commercial Banking, Automotive, HCM software and has successfully mentored, grown, and guided teams efforts towards successful project delivery.


Filippo Bruno-Franco

Market Expansion

Ciao, My name is Filippo, I am an experienced International Business Leader with 15 years of experience in driving aggressive growth strategies for multi-category global e-commerce businesses, platforms and propositions, notably for Amazon (European Fashion Retail and Supply Chain teams) and Omio (a rapidly growing unicorn business and multinational transport e-commerce platform). 

I hold a MSc, Supply Chain Management at Dauphine University, a MSc, Industrial Engineering at Polytechnic of Turin and a MA, Business & Technology at EMLV, Paris La Defense.

Di Gallo

Digital Marketing and Social Strategist

I’m an established visionary leader in digital, social media and content marketing — leading teams, establishing strategies and campaigns and leading the execution of both.

I’ve worked across many industries including tech, film and broadcasting, retail and e-commerce, blockchain, direct-to-consumer, wellness, nonprofit and education.

Im always reading and researching, ensuring that I’m at the forefront of digital disruption and innovation, new trends, Web 3.0, and how, why and where people shop and consume.

Excited to be a part of ÀLA.HAUSSE, the future of how we will discover, consume and exchange fashion apparel and accessories.

Kristine G

Legal Counsel

TBD send in

Tyler Cassack


Dylan – write up

Bob Whyte

BD Assistant

A self proclaimed aspiring business and philosopher in life, with a love for ocean and animal welfare, undergrad in psychology in university of guelph. I have had various international travel experiences and have earned my dive master licence.

undergrad in psychology in university of guelph and currently pursuing a 2nd computer science degree to further secure my technical skills set within a technology driven environment

I believe in the vision and power of the ALA.HAUSSE project where reducing the waste in our daily life will directly contribute to significant changes and slow down the damage to marine ecosystem health and to contribute to awareness.

Maryam Bhatti

General Marketing Assistant

Hello, my name is Maryam. A fashion enthusiast, passionate about the world of marketing, and an aspiring traveler. My role at ÀLA.HAUSSE is of the general marketing assistant and I could not be more ecstatic.

Currently pursuing an undergrad for Communications Studies, ready for whatever is in store for me. Aiming to help all shopping addicts such as myself, find the the joy in shopping sustainable with us.

Nadim Kassymov

Creative & Social Assistant

Nadim is a creative & social assistant at ALA.HAUSSE, aiding in creative efforts to help bring visionary details to life. He is passionate about the marketing sphere, translating brands missions through innovative messages, reaching consumers with a unique touch that stands out from others. Currently studying a specialist degree in Digital Enterprise Management, he aspires to continue on taking any challenges and defining the odds.


A green thumb who admires the environment endlessly, he is determined to be a part of a bigger cause, pursuing sustainability in any way and aiding in a sector we all know too well, fashion, to march towards change bigger than ever seen before.

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Team Spirit Manager

Dylan – write up





Love what this company is doing. I enjoy seeing Canadian companies integrate sustainability in their business model. A companies environmental awareness is a big factor to whether I support them or not. I can tell how much thought and passion goes into ÀLA.HAUSSE

-Hana El-Sharabasy

I was surprised to find that ALA HAUSSE is not only a fashionable and creative platform, but also a trade entity supporting sustainable development. The platform has many fresh designers and rich and reliable trading resources to help fashion lovers and e-commerce shoppers realize the resource sharing process of buying, selling and renting.  I expect it really becomes our personal electronic “Clossets”.

-Celia Yang

This first of its kind application is setting precedent for the fashion industry moving forward. By creating a fashion ecosystem they are helping to slow down Fashion’s carbon footprint. So excited to see all the news and announcements to come!!

-Martina S

We’re Always Growing. See Our Career Openings.

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Email us at hello@alahausse.ca or book a call with Jeanie and Team.