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Welcome to ÀLA.HAUSSE.

Buy. Sell. Rent. Lend Your Closset™, with Your Crowd.

Welcome to the world’s 1st AI-Powered Omni Social Shopping Network, for People, Brands, and Sustainability.

ÀLA.HAUSSE is the next gen social and sustainable shopping destination. We aim to become the pioneer in sustainable fashion by bridging the lines between retro, digital and virtual fashion for 21st century shoppers.

Through ÀLA.HAUSSE’s multi-functional and multi-purposeful Fashion Ecosystem (version 2.0), individuals & brands are encouraged to REBUY, RESELL, REUSE and UP-CYCLE their personal “Clossets™” (Clothing Assets), through this consumerism habit shift we reduce the fashion carbon footprint while aiding sustainability as a new circular economy.


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How It Works To List To $$$

V.2.0 Product Features

What's In It For You?

Cost and Time

0 Cost to Join, Earn Money & Space within seconds.

À Curated Free Market

Uncover an ecosystem of over 2500 brands.

AI Magic

Let our Machine Learning system do the styling and shopping for you.


Connect with fashion peers nearby and Users like you with our special AI Push!

Advocate by Action

Be an advocate by action in the sustainability uprising.

Be a Leader

Rebuild fashion industry’s trends and cycles.


Where Chic Meets Sustainability. #WEARYOURPURPOSE

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Got Questions?

1How Do I Sign Up?
  1. Download the ALAHAUSSE app from the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Sign up using your email address, Facebook, Google or Apple Account.
  3. Check your inbox for a verification email and input the One Time PIN Code into the app.
  4. Scroll around and get ready to list for buy, sell, rent, and lend to other fashion lovers in our ecosystem!
2How Do I Update My User profile?

Be sure to provide a clear, valid and recent profile photo of yourself so others can feel safe doing business with you. This will be the first step of how you would like to be portrayed within the #HAUSSEPEOPLE community. 

We recommend all users to write an in depth self description and what brought you to this app. This will aid other members within our ecosystem to feel more connected and to build trust within the community. Include your nickname to allow others to search you by it any time within the app!

3How Do I Know Buying On the Platform Is Safe?

At ÀLA.HAUSSE, the safety of your clothes is of utmost priority. All Buyers, Sellers, Renters, and Lenders on the platform must participate in our Know Your Customer (KYC) process. This process ensures we have everyone’s valid identity should issues arise. We also strongly encourage lending users to set a deposit on their item close to the original retail value, so they could be adequately compensated in the case of loss or damages.

4What Can I List Onto the Platform?

To date, we carry over 2700 designer brands to be listed, from fast fashion to luxury brands. To form a true circular economy with an inclusivity mission, we also allows unbranded and vintage items to be listed. We are constantly updating our database to ensure the selection is stylish, trendy, and most importantly, sustainable. You can list any item that falls within the available brands and categories. To suggest a brand that we may have missed, please send your request to with Brand Request in the subject line and our team will assist to review.

5How Do I Lend on ÀLA.HAUSSE?
  1. List your item and set your desired prices for three time blocks of 3 days, 1 week, and 1 month. Please note that 3 days is the minimum rental period. We encourage lenders to set discounted pricing on longer rental periods.


  1. Once an item has been selected by a renter, you must accept the order for the escrow system to kick in, starting the rental process. Please arrange delivery of the product before their rental date starts. You may share shipping confirmation details via the in app chat, or you can arrange a drop off/pick up manually with the renter. We ask that you arrange your item’s transportation within 24 hours of accepting a rental request.


  1. Check up with renters and see how fab they look in your “Clossets”!


  1. Once the rental period ends, your renter should let you know the details for return. This may again involve shipping or a manual drop off/pick up. 


  1. Once your item has been returned, you must mark the transaction as complete in your order management tab in order to receive payment. Your payment will be released within 8-10 business days. The Renter’s deposit will be released to them 7 business days subsequent to completion.


Please use our in app notification guide and order escrow management system as your guide to mark each step as complete for a seamless experience.


ÀLA.HAUSSE Fashion Ecosystem

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